1963 - 2013
   "Serving Anson County for 50 Years"


Bike Ride - Riding Around Anson



Maps | 26 miles | 43 miles | 62 miles


Trip Tics | 26 miles | 43 miles | 62 miles







This event is being held in conjunction with our annual Festival with lots of fun activities,food, crafts and more that you and your family can enjoy during and after the ride.


Discover Anson Bike Ride cyclists will embark on a scenic tour across the southern half of Anson County that has many Piedmont features of North Carolina’s mountain foothills.

The annual ride for bicyclists includes the choice of a 26, 43 or 62-mile “metric century” ride. The 26-mile ride is mostly flat and suitable for the inexperienced rider. The 43-mile ride is hilly and a challenge to any experienced rider. For those who aren’t “faint of heart,” there is the100-kilometer metric century ride (62-miles) to further test endurance. Riders will enjoy the beautiful and scenic rolling hills of the Anson County countryside.

Main points of interest along the routes include the “James Bennett” house where Stephen Spielberg filmed The Color Purple, the old chimney of the Knox Inn in historic Sneedsborough, Long Pine Church-the oldest deeded Methodist church in NC, a climb up the “Devil’s Backbone” near Meltonville Church, and the birthplace of Hugh Hammond Bennett, father of soil conservation in America.

Riders will cycle through communities with the names of “Paris,” “McFarlan,” “Cason Old Field,” “Mayesville,” “Deep Creek,” and “WhiteStore.” These communities, once thriving during the early history of Anson County, are now dominated by a long established church, acountry store or, perhaps, just a crossroads sign.

For those of you who think you are ready for a “Biathlon”, try running in Wadesboro’s Escape the Zombies 5K before you put the metal to the petal in the Discover Anson Bike Ride! Both events are on the same day in the same area and are scheduled so you can participate in both if you wish! For more information on the 5K go to,https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/Wadesboro/WadesborosEscapetheZombies5k or email joshua.leviner@icloud.com.